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You remember Clark Kent, fearless reporter for the Daily Planet newspaper and his news photographer sidekick, Jimmy Olsen, right? How about Peter Parker, who always seems to get those images of Spiderman that no one else seems to be able to get? Well, there’s your key. You can fairly easily break into the newspaper photographer’s market with your local, regional and perhaps even national newspapers. And it might even be a lot easier than you think. Because even with a pal like Superman, staff reporters for your local and regional newspapers simply can’t be everywhere at once. If however, you’re secretly Spiderman, Catwoman, Batman, one of the X-men (or have any mutant or super-powers) you can safely disregard this article. Otherwise Bunky, read on to learn more about how to make money shooting digital photographs for local newspapers and other media. If I knew THAT, I wouldn’t tell you anyway (OK, maybe I might). But the point is neither you nor anyone else can cover a city, region or all the newsworthy events as a news photographer.

Although, what you can do is to "cover" those events and activities which are not on the normal "beat" of the staff photographers of local newspapers and magazines. For example, high school and college, trade school, technical school or university academic and sporting events, movie and theater openings, cultural events and festivals, holiday celebrations, special activities and parades are just a few of the possibilities. If you get unique digital images of celebrities, important people, winners, losers, "special" participants or a "scoop" of digital images surrounding an important local or regional event - you’ve got a good leg up. In every issue of a local, regional or national newspaper, there is a listing of the editors in charge of each section or area of coverage. The same is true on the "banner" or "credits" page of magazines. "extraordinary" people might be in your community. If you can write and do interviews as well as supply good digital images, you’ll be "in the clover" in no time at all. Hey, don’t forget local television stations and magazines too. Certainly the over-worked skeleton staff at your local and regional newspapers or magazines can’t be. With paper media on the decline in most of the world, newspapers and magazines are cutting staff positions in favor of freelancers and stringers. This is definitely good news for you, the astute, professional digital photographer. Look around you for opportunities to make money shooting digital photographs for local newspapers and other media. They’re out there, just waiting to be picked up, believe me. Hey, did I just hear a siren?

4. There will also be incentives for preventive medicine through exercise equipment at discounted prices for those who stay well for certain periods. 5. There will also be substantial reimbursement for anyone who comes up with new methods of treatment or new ideas on preventive health care. 6. The emphasis will be on self-responsibility. This will begin to take the power away from the medical profession which is what needs to be done. 7. Medical schools will be required to admit a standard amount of students to the medical college, a certain amount according to their overall enrollment. This will put more doctors out there which will also help the situation. By controlling the amount of students allowed to enter medical school they control the prices that doctors can charge. This is one very important beginning point. At the present the demand exceeds the supply. This must be brought into balance.

There should be a system set up that is free from all political manipulating. It must bridge all political parties and be above politics. It must have the sanctity of the judicial system. They will be paid by the government so will have no concerns over money. They will be ethically above being bribed or bought for money. They will be qualified to handle the money collected due to their knowledge of funding research. They will be qualified to set standard procedures and treatment prices. They will be qualified to judge new ideas. They will be qualified to give incentives for staying healthy and for practicing preventive medicine. They will be as a court of last resort, or court of appeals, for doctors and patients alike. Most of these research scientists do have experience with the field either as patients themselves, or through their families as patients, but have never practiced in the field as general practitioners. They are not set up to practice medicine this way.

They are not certified to do this, their degrees are in research and even though they carry the M.D. American Medical Association to practice in the field. They could be but chose to do otherwise, such as research. Because they have had to be constantly searching for funds for research, they have a healthy respect for the dollar value of things. For this reason their investments will allow the money collected to earn more in the way of income for this branch so that annuities and incentives can be given to those who stay healthy. This will also insure that everyone will be able to afford to go to a doctor for their problems, whether they be physical, emotional or mental. Falling under physical problems would be any part of the physical form that is not functioning right. This would include eyes, ears, teeth and feet, spinal problem, etc. It would deny no field of treatment by qualified practitioners. At the same time it would begin tightening up control of self-help practitioners by demanding appropriate training and testing before anyone can come under the Health Care Plan. This does not mean they cannot practice their service, only that they will not be guaranteed their income from the medical plan.

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