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Starcraft 2 Dark Templar Guide - Effective Strategies, Build Orders and Counters for Dark Templars
Do you wish to learn to effectively play since the Protoss Dark Templar in Starcraft 2? Well if you want to figure out how to properly take part in the Dark Templar to dominate your opponents, here are certain things you might like to learn.
The Protoss Dark Templar Strategy
This is an amazing unit which includes an ability to cloak themselves. This means that they are going to stay hidden from the enemy's eyes unless they have detectors! To exploit their capability, what you should do is constant scout your opponent's base to view whether or not they have detectors. If they do, don't attempt to rush in, however if they do not, then go for it. Remember to constantly spy on your own enemy's base to plan the perfect time to strike.
The Protoss Dark Templar Build Order
Start out by causing 9 Probes. Once you've all 9 set up, start establishing some Pylons in your base. When your Pylon is complete, make a Gateway. Remember that during this process to hold pumping out Probes.
While your Gateway is incorporated in the procedure for being completed, start constructing the first Assimilator. At 16 supply, strategically place a hidden Pylon by the end your base. Keep in mind that you should keep building Probes non-stop.
When your Gateway is done, construct a Cybernetics Core, then begin farming for gas. Once your Cybernetics Core is finished, create a Twilight Council in the hidden Pylon you might have just set up. The function of your first Pylon is to distract them, while your second Pylon by the end of your base would be the real one.
Now, start researching Warp Technology and proceed to build yourself another Gateway. Produce a Dark Shrine if your Twilight Council is completed and you'll be ready to warp your invisible units in and out of your base to cause a great deal of havoc.
The Protoss Dark Knights Templar Patch Rush
Once your build order is finished, start warping them all throughout the map. Remember to constantly scout your enemy to check on and find out if they've got any detectors around or in their base. If they do, you may have to consider slowing down your rush. If they don't, quickly warp them into enemy territory and destroy as much as you can without one seeing you. Once you see that they have got detectors, retreat without delay.
The Protoss Dark Templar Counter
Every unit in Starcraft 2 includes a weakness. What you want to avoid fighting without exceptions will be the Overseers in the Zerg, Phoenix from the Protoss or Banshee in the Terran. If you see that the enemy initiated a policy of output of your weakness, it's best to not rush to their base.
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