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Christian Christianity Religion \u00b7 Free image on PixabayThe Last Hero Aka the Saint Closes the Case by Leslie Charteris
In 1929 Leslie Charteris began writing stories for the new magazine called The Thriller. Two of these stories (The Creeping Death and Sudden Death) were later combined in order to create The Last Hero. Although his first books have been published by Ward, Lock & Co he abandoned them for Hodder & Stoughton in the UK while using first publication of this story, the 2nd Saint book, in May 1930. It was undated and issued in **** cloth. The Crime Club (US) published it in 1931. The 1941 Sun Dial Press issue subtitled it The Saint Closes the Case, this also was applied because title by Hodder & Stoughton in 1950, although Ace/Charter called it The Saint - The Last Hero in 1952, and Avon Books named it Saint and also the Last Hero in 1953.
Simon Templar is working with a gang, who were using the Five Kings Leslie Charteris had made for The Thriller. In The Thriller, the gang left four playing card kings and a joker (Simon Templar, aka the Saint, was the joker) as being a business card, however in the novel it had been a drawing of your stickman.
A scientist has invented a weapon called an electron cloud which can be remote-controlled and fries all things in its path. An international arms dealer named Rayt Marius (who had been to become the Saint's arch enemy) wants it for World domination, but Simon has decided it really is too terrible ever to get allowed to become developed. He decides to kidnap the inventor and kill him if he won't drop it. Another interested party is Crown Prince Rudolph, of just one of those little monarchies that existed before WWII.
This is definitely a exciting and enjoyable thriller with clever plot twists, plenty of action, and great utilisation of the English language. Simon Knights Templar Key Chains and the gang are at their very best ably aided by Patricia Holm and Chief Inspector Claude Eustace Teal, a character coded in The Thriller. The Secret Service also join in the fun, as well as in the end the scientist dies together with his invention, but the same is true Norman Kent, one of many Saint's gang who sacrifices himself for that others becoming the past hero.

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