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Critique Of Dan Brown's Book: "The Da Vinci Code"
With contributions from Holy Blood, Holy Grail, and The Hiram Key, this innovative novel boasts a search for Holy Grail definition with opposing factions willing to kill or perhaps killed while suppressing and/or exposing secrets held for the past 2000 years.
The plot contains twisted and secretly contrived stratagems to reclaim David's throne through Jesus and his 'progeny,' into perpetuity. To grasp the author's book-title significance, in early stages, we must realize Holy Grail and Holy Blood are indistinguishable in defining principals. While conditioned to think the first kind can be a cup once employed by Jesus, find the phraseology consanguineously utilized to define Jesus descendants, from Messianic eminence to Southern France ignominy. The authors set themselves on an extremely daunting course and try and articulate threads unraveled from Messiah's crucifixion time as King in the Jews, his survivorship, and latter refuge in the South of France.
Briefly, we acknowledge the historical search in Hiram's Key for your ancient and secret 'King Making' formula. This search investigates Knights Templar secret rituals and purpose: from early Freemasons in Medieval Europe, on into Knight Jacques de Molay time, and in many cases beyond to Egyptian rites and Hiram Abif murder. Abif is theorized to get Seqenenre, Egyptian Pharaoh at Israel's Exodus some time and first Pharaoh proven to possess this secret. If readers are curious as to which Pharaoh wielded power at biblical Exodus time, they might enjoy the research documentation outstanding with this book. In summary, the 'Hiram' book focuses on Knights Templar who descended on Jerusalem to oust Saracen blasphemers, later Islamic hordes; which Knights are speculated to possess found a materials cache under Solomon's Temple site. This cache, presumably, was subsequently re-hidden for future recovery. Authors claim this cache contained the only real known secrets capable to confirm Merovingian genesis (the progeny descended from Jesus and Mary Magdalene, in Fourth Century genealogy).
Purpose for including Holy Blood, Holy Grail and The Hiram Key review as part of The Da Vinci Code critique will end up apparent in the author's fictional compromise; which accommodation familiarly incorporates theme and premise evolved from another two books.
Mystically shrouded in codex excerpts, ancient codes and anagram confusion, this book enlists an enigmatic young French Police Woman raised in the shadow of Priory de Sion's secret society, unbeknownst, plus a noted Harvard symbologist. Events force the intrepid duo to embark on a risky itinerary full of cliffhanging events, mini-conclusions, much intrigue, double-cross, romance, nevertheless evolving to unfulfilled conclusions for those mysteries raised in story creation, inchoate with Priory of Sion discovery, which office was 'founded in Jerusalem in 1099 A.D. by a French King named Godefroi de Bouillon, immediately after conquering the location.' This book reveals an intriguing story and may be superior understood by first reading one other two books mentioned in critique.
Whatever may be perceived as truth in metaphysically compromised intellects, readers cannot escape the requirement to think while perusing information massed inside the books thus exploited. Perusal encounters men of truly great stature, inside the persons of Da Vinci, Richard Wagner, Botticelli, Isaac Newton and Victor Hugo, all involved within the cause, real or imagined. Geniuses all, these folks were staunch crusaders over millennia, ambitioned to reappoint Messianic throne power. This critique cannot start to list and correct the many Bible miscalculations outstanding on this metaphysical reality mix with Knights Templar Lapel Pin Templar inventiveness. Let the reader beware!
In story evolvement, many liberties were taken with Bible definitions and principals. One such liberty involved gross error inside ethnic terminology for principals referred from your ancient legal-historicism: Twelve Tribes designated as generic Jews. Never were Ten Tribe Israelites (Israel House) answerable as Jews (Judah House), not before First Century evangelism nor after. These along with other common errors within the traditional milieu are correctly delineated in additional studies for anyone with interest.

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