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imageWho Were the Knights Hospitallers? Where Did They Come From?
The poor old Knights Templar Medallion Templar happen to be carried out to death in additional ways than one! Everyone and her aunt has written about them. If you type them in to a search results, "Who were the Knights Templar?" you have a return of 12,800. Try "Who were the Knights Hospitallers." You receive a return of precisely 3! It's interesting to remember, however, there's still a Grand Master of the Order.
The gentleman's name is Matthew Festing, and his awesome full title is; Prince and Grand Master from the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes in addition to Malta.
The Hospitallers were known as; The Order of St. John in the Hospital of Jerusalem.
The words 'Hospice' and 'Hospital' were interchangeable through the 11th. century. They were dotted about around Western Europe and were places in which to rest, expressly for poor travellers and pilgrims. However, there was clearly hardly any with respect to medical aid offered.
In around 1050, a gaggle of Amalfitan merchants took power over a hospice in Jerusalem to tend pilgrims from Western Europe. A lot of hospices inside Islamic Middle East were here today, gone tomorrow affairs, but this kind of one lasted quite a long time. It was built near the Church from the Holy Sepulchre, and was determined by the church of Sancta Maria Latina.
It became highly sought after. Many with the Latin congregation, which was dominated by the Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Sepulchre, were attracted away from this place of worship.
A man named Gerard was possibly the guardian of the hospice, and his awesome followers lived a quasi-religious life. After the Crusaders' conquest of Jerusalem in 1099, Gerard and his small hospice were separated from your church of Sancta Maria Latina as well as in 1113 became autonomous.
This was as a result of an exclusive Papal privilege and also the peaceful Blessed Gerard being named as the Military Order's First Master. I use the language 'Military Order' more as being a future title, for at this time there was nothing military regarding the Hospitallers.
A number of years later, the fur really started to fly when the Hospital Master, presumably Gerard, although he died in 1120, obtained Papal exemption from having to bow on the dictates from the Patriarch of Jerusalem, the senior churchman in the Crusader Kingdom.
This caused significant amounts of anger and bitterness inside established church with the Crusader States. Pouring salt in to the wound was the truth that two other hospices initially shared exactly the same coveted position.
It's hard to pinpoint the time once the Hospitallers really became a military order, but inside the earlier part of the 12th. century, it became less Italian plus more French in their make-up, which does appear to go hand in hand with the Order moving inexorably towards one of military standing

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