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Best Terran Counters to Dark Templars - Shokz Starcraft 2 How to Counter Dark Templar
The problem with going eyeball to eyeball against Protoss using Terran is that you will need some smart tactical placement to handle quality of Protoss units. Whereas, against Zerg, the main plan of attack has my head spinning you using a larger force of relatively weak units, in Protoss, they could not mass attack you but each unit is to overpower.
One of the most potent Protoss unit it is possible to go up against, if your enemy understands how to have used them, could be the Dark Templar. The biggest threat about Dark Tempars is that they are permanently cloaked. You definitely do not want them near your SCV's. Of course, if someone of them has gotten near your SCV's, then you're in deep trouble already.
When coping with Protoss Dark Templars, a problem is to get through their cloaking. At your base, you need to do this by building up a formidable Terran Missile Turret perimeter. Make sure you have got your location of effect dealt with right, though. You do not want one sneaking through your defense.
However, the easiest method to handle them is to obtain rid of which while they are on their way to your base. For this, you certainly really should have a Raven flying around. Terran Ravens are good for scouting the map but they are best of all at exposing concealed enemy units. So keep some of which buzzing around. However, Ravens haven't any attack capabilities so that you will still have to deploy some attackers. Dark Templars are melee fighters as well as the least painful method to kill them would be to send some airborne ground attackers against them. Be careful though, this tactic is merely viable if there won't be any capable anti-air units traveling with the Dark Templars.
Another method to handle them is to use the EMP Round of a Terran Ghost. An EMP Round not just reveals them, but additionally removes their shield. With their shields down, any Terran unit may make short work of attacking them. The Ghost's EMP is also an area-of-effect attack. This means that it may affect multiple units in a certain area rendering it very beneficial not merely as Dark Knights Templar Flag deterrent but additionally as deterrent to the majority other Protoss units since they rely heavily on shields.
One on a single, they're not really that tough. If you suspect this templar attack, you can simply utilize a scan from the Orbital Command to reveal the machine. Prepare to go within your attack units fast, though because scan effect usually ends pretty quick.

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